Transition to sustainable capitalism through the Triple Bottom Line – TBL.
Triple Bottom Line – TBL, also known as People, Planet, Profit was created in the 90s by John Elkington, co-founder of SustainAbility, a term is created, which represents the expansion of the traditional business model to a new model that now regards environmental and social performance of the company, as well as financial.
Market: Identify market conditions and the factors that can trigger business environment thixotropic.
Values: Understanding the changes of values ??based on the products / services.
Transparency: Always update the information channel, containing commitments to our stakeholders.
Lifecycle: Always work guided by the Triple Bottom Line – TBL.
Develop forms of relationships with companies, organizations and market antagonists.
Time: We encourage creativity for long-term vision.
Corporate Governance: Our model of sustainable governance is guided through the Triple Bottom Line – TBL , ensuring the continuous development of the company in the technological, economic and social. Our decisions are by TBL. Seeking sustainable development and profound changes in corporate governance, making our company more competitive.
Sustainable Challenge: (Economics Chrysalis)
Identify metamorphosis in technological, economic, social and political.
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