Company History

  • Getting Started

    000 In the early 90s, started a story of entrepreneurship at Av. Prestes Maia, 241, Barrio Santa Efigenia, Sao Paulo.

  • Un-Macaé

    002Strategically chose the promising city of Macae, known as the oil capital and headquarters of major events and a giant hotel chain. Macaé is in the state of Rio de Janeiro , where we started the activities of our branch in the Campos Basin.

  • Excelência

    002The First Company of Industrial Training You used the word "excellence" in the slogan. "Excellence in Service Delivery." He lived up to the Word; We train Large Companies! BSM Engineering, Q & B Services, Cooper Cameron, Odebrecht and many Schoolchildren were Starting your Careers and Certificates For Somatick. Our great Pride and Excellence in Service Delivery.

  • CT-Macaé

    001Industrial Training Center adjacent to UN-BC/Petrobras. Av. Jesuit, 660. Comfort and convenience for students with training according to the regulations, respecting all MTE Applicable law and strictly following the international standards.

  • Gratefulness

    003Positioning competitive market! Members of the National Fire Protection Association ( NFPA) and training of our instructors in the United States in the prestigious: TEEX.

  • Stratégie


    The Somatick created the Strategic Planning Sector Markets an Marketing subministrando support for a Commercial and Company Organizational Management area. At the end of 2012 was redesigned our visual identity. New internet site adopting a WordPress open source platform. We entered the era of social media and launched Opportunity Project ( posting Several Jobs spaces.

  • Internacional

    006Industrial training standardized, closely following international models; OPITO, OSHA, NFPA and IMO. New campaign and slogan! "The largest oil industry companies train in Somatick". Recognition and tribute to 10 years of Petro-BC Network. We created the Human Resources department and revamped the Commercial department, aiming to improve the results. Even in 2013, we innovate the Operational and Technical departments (Training). Competitive position of leadership in the market! New paths: We believe in a new model that goes on to consider the environmental and social performance of the company.

  • Achievements

    25anosprata-cc3b3piaInvestments in quality management. New portfolio of training. Somatick towards the 25 years.

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